Despite demand for fertiliser flattening out, prices still remain high.

Pasture sward is averaging €1,020/t, with reports of lower prices locally around the country, and cut sward is coming in around €10/t more expensive.

Straight nitrogen is costing €950/t to €970/t. Quotes for 10-10-20 are ranging between €970/t and €1,005/t.

Supply across the country is quite good, however, depending on the fertiliser, desired bag sizes may be an issue. Parts of the country only have 10-10-20 in 50kg bags.

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Walter Furlong Jnr from Cooney Furlong said that fertiliser prices are still as high as ever because no new stock has been bought in.

“Everyone [merchants] is still sitting on the same stock, there’s no one buying anything at the moment.


He also said that despite the “spurt” of grass seen in the last week to 10 days, silage ground may be delayed a bit.

“Some guys will always cut their silage on the same date every year, so they may need a bit more fertiliser to go out for the second cut then,” he said.