Fertiliser prices look set to rise again from 1 April which would push new stocks of CAN to £260/t, an increase of £60/t from early January and £80/t higher than the same month last year.

Compound fertilisers commonly used for silage are also edging upwards. Price quotes on new stocks of grassland products such as 27-4-4 and 25-5-5 are generally £310/t to £325/t.

Products such as 24-6-12 are costing close to £335, whereas 22-4-14 will cost around £325/t, up from £290 to £295/t last month. Most merchants indicate that discounts can be applied depending on the quantity being purchased.

While the outlined prices are forward forecasts for next month, the majority of merchants currently have significant volumes of grassland fertiliser in stock.

CAN purchased this week will cost £240/t to £255/t, indicating there is value to be had by pricing around.

Feed trade steadies

While some merchants are expected to increase ration prices for April, others are applying a price freeze until May as grain and protein prices stabilise on spot markets.

Barley is holding steady at £220 delivered on farm, while maize meal remains on £235/t. Soya has fallen significantly and can be delivered on farm at £395/t for April.

Soya is down in price by £100/t since early January, but is still £100/t above the price from last autumn.

Beef finisher rations range from £245 to £255/t depending on maize content, with general purpose mixes at a similar level.

Dairy rations typically cost £275 to £285/t with ewe rations at £280 to £290/t.

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