On the second anniversary of the tragic passing of her husband John and children Tomás and Amelia near Quigley’s Point, Inishowen, Geraldine Mullan will unveil the Field of HOPE.

Thanks to local farmer John McCarron, who dedicated 2.5 acres to grow sunflowers for the project, visitors can take a leisurely walk through a golden maze bordered by a mixture of wildflowers.

“My motto has been ‘never lose hope’ so when we thought up this project and named it accordingly, we wondered could we go a step further and have it physically expressed by the landscape. The idea became a reality when a maze was painstakingly carved out within the crop in the shape of those HOPE letters,” says Geraldine.

The Field of HOPE runs at Quigley’s point, Co Donegal, from 19-21 August. Entry is free but donations are welcome and go to the Mullan Hope Centre.