Toddy Lamb and his dog Bruce were declared overall nursery champion at the first north/south nursery challenge.

The competition took place on Sunday 23 February and was the first ever all-island nursery final competition, held in Ballinagore, Co Westmeath.

The judges were James P McGee and Dennis Birchall. The dogs and handlers were given 12 minutes to complete the course.

McGee and Birchall judged 30 runs, made up of 15 dogs from northern nurseries and 15 dogs representing the south.


According to a spokesperson from Glencregg Sheepdogs, the sheep were Suffolk/Texel-crosses and dogs had to work for their runs.

“The course was high-rising field, with a gently sloping uphill outrun with a distance of around 370 yards. The fetch was deceptively deep behind the fetch gates.”

James P McGee, also chair of the North of Ireland Sheepdog group, commended the southern committee for their outstanding course with great sheep and a well organised event.

“Thanks to everyone involved for making the event such a great success and last but not least to all the competitors who made a great effort in travelling from all over Ireland to make it work,” he said.

Overall results

  • 1. Toddy Lamb and Bruce - 171 - South.
  • 2. Loughlin Conn and Tess - 168 - North.
  • 3. Noel McDevitt and Sweep - 164 - North.
  • 4. Bobby Reid and Bill - 162 - North.
  • 5. Caolan Byrne and Maid - 154 - South.
  • 6. Ned O Keeffe and Tina - 153 - South.
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