Farmers are looking for value for money in whatever way they can. Unfortunately, farm building costs have been hardest hit by recent inflation levels, with the price of raw steel having doubled compared to three or four years ago.

Hopefully, we will see prices stabilise in the coming months and possibly see raw material prices fall and availability increase.

We look at the new infrastructure paddock added to the teaching facilities in Kildalton College. Kildalton has a proud tradition of educating young farmers and is celebrating 50 years of education this Saturday with an open day.

Should we see an economic downturn in the coming year, we will likely see a rise in agricultural students completing courses there.

We review a large cubicle and outdoor buffer feeding area that was built in 2021. The article shows a relatively simple and straightforward set up that allows the farmer to buffer-feed during the summer months.

Darren Carty looks at housing requirements for organic livestock and includes some specifications and options for farmers.

With a high level of interest in organic farming recently, farmers should familiarise themselves with requirements and see how they may be able to retrofit existing housing if they are planning on entering in the future.

We also take a look at some of the planning laws surrounding farm buildings. Several farm buildings can be exempt from planning permission depending on surroundings, use etc.

We look at some of the more common buildings and how they can be built without requiring planning permission.

Finally, with each farm bill being scrutinised and value for money being sought by farmers, Jack Kennedy discusses some of the insurance options for farmers and who the main players offering insurance are in Ireland.