Glanbia Co-op shareholders have voted in favour of changing its name to Tirlán Co-operative Society Limited.

Following the result at the special general meeting (SGM) in Kilkenny on Wednesday 15 September, Glanbia Co-op will now transition to its new identity over the coming months.

The vote follows the co-op’s agreement with Glanbia plc last year to acquire the full ownership of the dairy and grain operating business, formerly known as Glanbia Ireland and now trading under Tirlán.

As a result of the transaction, Glanbia Co-op and its businesses were required to transition to a new name. Glanbia plc will retain its current name. Both organisations now operate as separate entities.

'Land of abundance'

Combining the Irish words ‘tír’ for land and ‘lán’ for full, Tirlán stands for ‘land of abundance’.

Tirlán chair John Murphy said: “I’m delighted that our shareholders have given a resounding vote in favour of adopting our new identity Tirlán.

"We have received a hugely positive endorsement from our customers in Ireland and overseas, our suppliers and our employees.

“This is a historic day in the evolution of our co-op. Today’s vote marks a key step on our journey as a united organisation under a single name that is working to deliver for our farmers and our communities.

“We can all look forward to seeing our Tirlán branding rolled out in our production facilities, on our fleet of tankers and in our retail branches in the weeks and months ahead.”

As a co-operative, Tirlán is 100% farmer-owned, with 11 processing facilities, 52 agri branches and over 2,100 employees. Sales revenue this year is forecast to exceed €3bn.