New Zealand - 2021 milk production up

Total milk production in New Zealand in 2021 was up 0.4% on the previous year.

However, poor weather in January is set to see output there drop sharply for the start of 2022.

USA - consumer price inflation figures

Overall consumer price inflation in the US hit 7.2% in January, with meat and fish inflation at 12.2% and beef price inflation at 16%.

Argentina - beef consumption falling

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Meat in Argentina reports that beef consumption has fallen from 68.6kg per person in 2008 to 47.4kg per person at the start of 2022, a 30% decline.

UK - fall in sheepmeat exports

AHDB, the levy board for England, reports that the UK exported 70,000t of fresh and frozen sheepmeat in 2021, 20% less than in 2020.