Grain markets have hardened again after a slight drop in value last week, with the short- to medium-term outlook remaining volatile.

Markets had eased on the back of a potential re-opening of safe shipping routes in the Black Sea, but as the week progressed, that prospect was looking increasingly more unlikely, causing prices to strengthen.

Markets also reacted to a global outlook report which points to wheat supplies contracting by 1.7mt, with European barley yields also lower year-on-year.

Local prices

Spot markets put imported rolled barley in the region of £380 to £400/t on farm this week, up £5 to £10/t from the start of the month. Maize meal can be purchased from £10 to £20/t below barley prices and is holding firm from early June.

Soya is costing in the region of £485 to £500/t on farm, again a £5 to £10/t rise from the start of the month, with distillers unchanged in the region of £350/t.

Soya hulls are moving around £320/t on farm with sugar beet pulp costing close on £380/t, up £5/t from the start of June.


Most merchants indicate that price increases are inevitable for July given the current trends in spot markets.

Sales remain strong for the time of year, but are beginning to slow as milk passes peak production.

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