For the first 16 collections in June, somatic cell count (SCC) averaged 122,000 cells/ml on the Greenfield farm in Kilkenny. Half the results came back less than 100,000 cells/ml – good performance for the large herd. However, for the three most recent collections, somatic cell count (SCC) has taken a turn for the worst. It lifted to 250,000, 285,000 and 360,000 SCC for three collections on 26, 27 and 28 June.

Thankfully yesterday, the most recent result came back and it had dropped back to 200,000 cells/ml. For the last four days since farm manager Tom Lyng and his colleagues noticed the cell count rise, have searched for the culprits. Effectively, they have been stripping out quarters to find the infected cows. They identified some quarters and depending on the situation have initiated treatment, or if its a recurring problem they have dried the quarter off.