The recent herd expansion and labour shortage issues have greatly increased the level of interest from farmers in Ireland. As time goes on there is a noticeable demand for a higher-capacity machine, especially amongst larger dairy herds and specialised beef-finishing units. These all-in-one machines are claimed to reduce costs in terms of labour, fuel and feeding time, (up to 30%).

Keenan MechFiber345SP and 365SP models

Keenan's new MechFiber265SP loading up at the clamp
At the end of 2016, Keenan, an Alltech company, introduced a self-propelled diet feeder and vertical feeder to the market. This was a big move away from its core business of trailed paddle feeders but something Keenan realised the market was looking for. This is a collaboration between Keenan and the Italian feeder company Storti. There are currently two models available, the MechFiber345SP (16m³) and now the MechFiber265SP (20m³). “There was a noticeable demand for a higher-capacity machine” says Keenan. The recently released 20m³ model is named the MechFiber365SP. Both models come in the paddle design offering a six-paddle reel with fixed mounted knives at the bottom.