NC Engineering, one of Northern Ireland’s leading manufacturers of machinery, has teamed up with Britains to produce a new range of in-scale trailers, including the NC power tilt dump trailer 314 and NC rear-discharge manure spreader.

Following on from the prosperity of its previous collaboration with NC Engineering, Britains was keen to extend its collection with the manufacturers.

“We were very successful with the slurry tankers four years ago, so this [range] is renewing the relationship with NC,” says Alan Thompson, who is an agent for Britains in Northern Ireland.

In the making

In a process that took over a year to develop, Britains worked in close association with NC Engineering to ensure the range was an accurate representation of the trailers themselves and of the highest quality possible.

“CAD drawings have allowed us to ensure a high level of detail. They had been sent back and forth a number of times before the models were finalised,” says Thompson.

The reaction

So far the two models have reached critical acclaim from children of all ages, based on the accuracy, detail and realism of the replicas.

“I think that everybody enjoys looking at the little toys. From our point of view, it is great that the children get to play with something that maybe their father, uncle or cousin have themselves,” says David Nicholl from NC Engineering.

The trailers will be hitting shops in Ireland on 17 July.

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