One of the best ways to save on your farm electricity bills – and mitigate these price hikes – is to switch supplier and sign up for a new tariff with the lowest unit rate per kWh (day and night) for your farm meter usage.

Farmers only need to sign up once with, as it carries out a review and assessment on all its electricity meters (including house and other farm meters) and processes the switch to the best tariff every year.

The review and assessment checks customers' current bills, including unit rates, usage and contract dates and then shows customers their switch options – including calculations on their savings. After this, the final step is finalising their details and processing their switch to the new supplier.

How much can dairy farmers save?

From Table 1, dairy farmers with 300 cows are missing out on savings of up to €12,743/year, dairy farmers with 200 cows are missing out on savings of up to €9,720/year, dairy farmers with 150 cows are missing out on savings of up to €6,428/year and farmers with 100 cows are missing out on savings of up to €3,979/year by failing to switch to the cheapest electricity tariff.

Pitfalls and traps to avoid in the current electricity market

Farmers should avoid retention deals offered by their current supplier, as the unit rates will be higher than what a new customer can get with a new supplier.

They should also avoid sales intermediaries acting on behalf of one supplier, as the percentage discounts offered are lower due to sales commissions.

Something else to look out for are tariffs that apply surcharges above 3,000kWh for day usage and 2,000kWh for night usage (bimonthly surcharge).

Some farm businesses also get caught out by commercial contracts with attractive headline unit rates, without realising the full impact of other charges applying to their bill.

Varying contract lengths, types and exit clauses all need to be carefully considered before signing up to a new supply.

Avoid group deals offered by other companies, as the discounted unit rates offered to members are lower due to sales commissions.


WeSwitchU is an independent and impartial auto-switching service, with the sole objective to save its customers time, money and hassle on their electricity bills. The fee for the service is a small percentage of the savings it can make on behalf of customers.

How to make contact

Click here to visit the WeSwitchU farmer homepage and fill out the form with your details.

Alternatively, you can call WeSwitchU on 087-649 0803 any time up to 10pm to see what we can do to save you money on your electricity bills.