The Irish Creamery and Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) president Pat McCormack has responded to the CAP strategic plan which was announced on Wednesday 20 October.

He said that the increase in the funding allocation is welcome and was happy with the effort made on the funding side, but still has other concerns.

McCormack said that there is a bias against commercial family farms which he describes as “the basis for everything else in economic, social, demographic and environmental terms”.

He said that commercial family farms are being actively marginalised and removed from core considerations to the periphery of policy.

Cannot work

McCormack said that this was an enormous mistake that could not be rectified.

“A CAP strategic plan that does not recognise the reality of commercial family farming and pretends that the whole sector can be turned in a specific direction without recognising that element just cannot work, plain and simple. Nor does it deserve to,” he said .

McCormack went on to question the decision not to livestream the event.

“We’ve no idea why this was confined to media and on a pre-register basis,” he said.

McCormack argued that the people most entitled to get the news directly were the farm families as they will be most affected.