Comment: Retail demand has plateaued, as temperatures reach the highest this year. Indoor dining has been given the provisional go-ahead for 26 July, which will be welcome news for the food service sector.

Soaring temperatures this week have stopped main-crop development in its tracks.

This will further compound the shortage of packing quality main-crop material.

Any such stocks are extremely tight and should command a premium.

Digging of Queens continues and demand and quality are reported to be very strong. More volumes are on supermarket shelves this week.

Across Europe, over the last two days, there have been some very heavy thunderstorms, leading to widespread flooding running through eastern France, western Germany, Belgium and southeast Holland. The effects of the cold wet spring are becoming clearer as early processing crops are slow to bulk and both fry quality and DM levels are taking time to improve. In Germany, yields of early processing crops are running 30% lower than at the same date last year and ground conditions are currently extremely wet.