Comment: Colder conditions are expected to increase home consumption of potatoes following a very mild and settled October overall.

Many growers are now finished harvesting into stores, as ground conditions allowed for a timely harvest in most regions.

Growers in Donegal continue to make good progress. Yields are reported to be average, with some quality issues such as cracking being noted.

Across Europe, harvesting is nearing completion in many regions. On the fresh markets, quality samples are being stored in the anticipation that values will increase, but growers are keen to clear secondary quality samples to help cashflow.

Outgrades, including growth cracks, are reported to be high, particularly in Belgium.

Demand for export appears to be improving by the week, both to eastern Europe and Mediterranean countries, although issues with transport are causing serious disruption.

In the UK, orders for Marris Piper have been reasonably good again this week, but buyers are having increasing difficulty sourcing good quality now that most of the crop is in store. Growers are starting to look for price increases as a result.