Free evaporation and good agitation of the milk ensure optimal heat exchange. This guarantees high-performance cooling and prevents freezing, even with the smallest amounts of milk.

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  • The laser-welded, multi-injection evaporator guarantees rapid, efficient and problem-free cooling of the milk.
  • The refrigerant uses the entire surface of the evaporator in order to ensure the best heat exchange.
  • The cooling capacity is adapted to the milking regime, ie traditional milking, robotic milking, seasonal fluctuations etc.
  • When combined with the Eco-cool® cooling unit, the milk cooling process is extra economical.
  • James Murphy, Glenville, Co Cork

    “I bought a 10,000l Fullwood Packo tank for a couple of reasons – long credible reputation of Packo tanks, made locally in Kanturk and I think it is the best tank for cleaning, I have a Fullwood Packo milking machine. It is a straightforward machine, reliable, low maintenance and I expected the same from the tank.

    Cooling – “I am very happy with the cooling quick to cool it is on 80% less time than the old tank. On my new tank I am using 50% less electricity to cool milk with the tank running on two compressors, compared to the old tank running on one compressor. That’s the improvement in efficiency and that was measured by my electrician.”

    Wash – “This was one of the reasons I bought the tank; it has a very efficient wash. Packo use a strong pump and with two agitators, so the double wash and the circulation is very good and because they have been making tanks a long time this obviously something they have built up over the years. My TBCs are always from 4,000-5,000.

    “I also liked the fact that the technology on the tank is very user friendly, you can control what alerts are sent to your phone. I find companies constantly overloading farmers with information and there’s only so much time in the day to go through everything. TJ Rea is my refrigeration technician – he’s very reliable and a good technician.”

    “Overall though the thing I am happiest with is the heat recovery unit, it is something if I had my time back I would have put it in 30 years ago – there are no moving parts, there is no electrical input, it reduces the time the compressors are running and it brings the water temp to 40-50°C, the most energy is used getting the water temperature from 6°C to 40°C and the recovery unit does this at no cost. It actually does it at a saving due to the compressors running at a shorter time. It’s a no-brainer.”

    Richard Barron, Waterford

    “I bought a Fullwood Packo tank in February 2020, I decided on Packo due to the brand name and reliability of the tank. I find the cooling is very efficient, but what I am most impressed with is the wash, it never gives any trouble. It is a simple, effective system and my TBC results have always been under 5,000. They have even gotten down to 1,000 more than once.”

    iControl – the central brain of your cooling tank

    iControl, the central brain of your milk cooling monitors and records all your integrated data, together with the Fullwood Packo Cooling App, for complete insight and full control over your valuable milking business.

    Your intelligent digital assistant helps with better cooling. iControl supports smarter milking operations, helping your milk stay perfectly preserved and profitable. iControl only gives you the alerts and information that you request.

  • Stay updated on cooling and cleaning from your smartphone.
  • No loss of milk due to cool safe principle.
  • Save on bills by optimising the use of cheaper night-rate tariffs or solar power.
  • Fast cleaning and maximum time savings with Eco-Wash.
  • Integrated tank guard monitors proper functioning of cooling and cleaning.
  • Key features

  • Permanent monitoring of vital information such as volume and temperature of milk, duration of cooling, cleaning and stirring, displayed in user-friendly tables and graphs.
  • Visual and audible alarms on the iControl display or Fullwood Packo Cooling app.
  • Cool Safe – extra protection checks ensure that milk is always cooled.
  • Guarantees fast and excellent cleaning with minimal use of water and detergent.
  • Remote monitoring – when your iControl unit is connected to the internet, your installation engineer can check the status of your cooling tank.
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