There was over 700 calves on offer in Bandon Mart this week and export-type Friesian bull calves began to appear in greater numbers.

They sold for between €45 and €85.

British Friesian bull calves were making up to a top price just short of €200, with a good few lots making over €150, a noticeable lift on last week.

Another feature of early sales - or perhaps it’s just the online bidding factor - is there appears to be a firmer base price in place at the lower end of the market compared with the corresponding sale 12 months ago.

Beef breeds

Numbers of Angus and Hereford calves were on par with last week, although what was noticeable was the increase in the three- to four-week-old calves compared with previous sales this year.

This resulted in a good proportion selling for between €230 and €320 more so than in recent sales.

Traditional beef-cross bull calf prices ranged from €220/head up to €405/head, while heifers of the same breeds sold for between €180 and €430.

Again, there was a small number that sold below this price range.

These were a lighter type of calf than than others that were on offer, as in some cases they had Jersey-cross breeding on the cow side.

Continental calf numbers were similar to other sales and continued their trend of being scarce but in demand when it came to prices.

Bull and heifer continental-cross calves mainly sold from €305 up to €505.

Export assembly commences

Speaking after the sale, manager Tom McCarthy said: “I was very happy with the trade today. All shippers were back in action and it showed in the prices.

"There was a very solid demand for that export type calf, with most making from €55 to €75.

"Again, the buyers were very keen on that three- to four-week-old calf; they have a lot of confidence in that type of animal."

Tom added that the export calf assembly will commence this week.

“We’re kicking off on Wednesday. Farmers can book their calves in for this from now using the Stock €xpress tab on the ICBF app on their phones or tablets. Farmers don’t have to be a member of Herdplus to use it."

In pictures

Just over three weeks old, this group of Hereford bulls averaged €210.

This pair of three-week-old bull calves made €260 each.

Three weeks old, this trio of Angus bulls averaged €245.

Aged 23 days old, this group of bull calves made €130 each.

This pair of 24-day-old continental bull calves averaged €405.

This pair of one-month-old Angus bulls made €360 each.

This Simmental heifer aged 25 days sold for €420.

Just short of a month old, these Friesian bull calves made €195 each.

Just over a month of age, this group of bull calves averaged €165.

Three weeks old, this Charolais bull calf made €430.

This one-month-old Charolais bull calf sold for €505.

A pair of Hereford heifers aged just short of three weeks made €290 each.

This group of Hereford bull calves were just under three weeks and sold for €215.

This group of 23-day-old bull calves averaged €70.

This one-month-old Angus bull calf sold for €405.

This one-month-old Angus heifer calf made €430.

This pair of bull calves aged three weeks made €55 each.

This group of one-month-old bull calves averaged €85.

This pair of three-week-old bull calves made €170.

This Simmental heifer aged 25 days sold for €420.

This one-month-old bull calf made €325.

At 24 days old, this trio of bull calves made €100 each.