Athenry Mart’s spring show and sale of cattle on Tuesday witnessed a vibrant trade for slaughter-fit stock while finishers were keen for short-keep cattle that could be turned again after 60 to 80 days.

Bullocks in the 600kg plus weight category averaged €2.12/kg.

This prizewinning 660kg Charolais-cross heifer born 3 March 2019 Sold for €1,540 (€2.33/kg).

Within this, Friesian bullocks from 600kg to 660kg sold from €1.67/kg to €1.80/kg while dairy crossbreds sold from €1.90/kg to €2.10/kg and higher in cases.

Aged bullocks sold for in the region of €2.00/kg to €2.15/kg, with some prizewinning lots and cattle which would be deemed out of spec on age and weight and weighing from 800kg to 1,000kg and higher showing the strength in demand and selling to €2.20/kg.

This May 2019-born Limousin store heifer weighing 420kg €1,030 (€2.40/kg).
Quality spring 2019-born bullocks sold to as high as €2.40/kg to €2.50/kg. There was a similar trend for bullocks weighing 500kg to 600kg.

Friesian bullocks born in spring 2019 sold from €1.60/kg to €1.80/kg with plainer-quality dairy crossbreds rising to €2/kg and selling to €2.10/kg to €2.15/kg for better-quality types.

A Charolais-cross and Blonde d'Aquitaine-cross heifer averaging 585kg and born 14 April 2019 and 10 March 2019 sold for €1,390 (€2.38/kg).

Manager Brian Hogan said the trade for continental stores was helped by strong competition between farmers buying cattle for summer grazing and specialist finishers keen to source short-keep stock. This saw the top third of bullocks in this weight category average a fine price of €2.50/kg, with the best-quality lots rising to €2.60/kg.

This Charolais-cross heifer weighing 605kg and born 25 March 2019 sold for €1,540 (€2.55/kg).

Heifers followed a similar trend. Those weighing in excess of 600kg averaged €2.28/kg. Plainer-quality and overage cattle sold from €2.05/kg to €2.15/kg while nice-quality Charolais and Limousin heifers sold from €2.25/kg to €2.45/kg on average with a standout price of €2,000, or €2.86/kg, paid for a super 700kg 23-month-old Belgian Blue.

This 520kg Limousin bullock born 2 April 2019 Sold for €1,290 (€2.48/kg).

Buyers looking for grass cattle again locked horns with specialist finishers for heifers weighing 500kg to 600kg.

This Charolais-cross bullock weighing 685kg and born 9 November 2018 sold for €1,470 (€2.15/kg).

The average price was recorded at €2.31/kg ranging from €2.00/kg upwards for a small number of plainer-quality traditional-bred animals to €2.20/kg for better-quality Angus heifers while top-quality R and U grading heifers sold from €2.35/kg to €2.55/kg in the main and hit as high as €2.70/kg for the best-quality lots. Prices in the 450kg to 500kg bracket were similar.

Other lots

Two heavy and aged Charolais bullocks averaging 982kg and born 3 April 2018 and 11 May 2018 sold for €2,000 (€2.03/kg)

This aged prizewinning Charolais bullock weighing 1,065kg born 20/4/2017 sold for €2,300 (€2.16/kg).

This Belgian Blue-cross bullock weighing 795kg and born 26 September 2018 sold for €1,930 (€2.43/kg).

This Hereford-cross bullock weighing 560kg and born 31 March 2019 sold for €1,170 (€2.09/kg).

This 885kg Charolais-cross bullock born 15 May 2018 sold for €1,840 (€2.08/kg).

This aged Hereford-cross heifer weighing 615kg and born 12 April 2018 sold for €1,170 (€1.90/kg).

This Charolais-cross heifer weighing 685kg and born 8 March 2019 Sold for €1,570 (€2.29/kg).