Baltinglass Mart hosted its weekly sale on Wednesday, with 80 cattle going through the scales.

Of these, 85% found new homes.

However, mart manager Joe Kinsella said there was a definite response by buyers to the reduced grass growth over the past two weeks.

Scarcity of grass

He said: “I don’t think trade was as free as last week. The scarcity of grass was definitely having an effect on people buying online today.

"We have got rain the last 24 to 48 hours, so no doubt that will help, but it had gotten very harsh before that.”

That said, there was still bite for the better-quality lots on offer.

Bullocks under 30 months were strongest

Better-quality bullocks under 30 months proved the strongest of these, with prices rising to €2.65/kg.

This was paid for an 18-month-old Charolais bullock that weighed 480kg and sold for €1,270.

In general, these better-quality bullocks weighing between 450kg and 550kg sold for between €2.30/kg and €2.50/kg.

Lighter bullocks, which generally originated from the dairy herd, sold around the €2/kg mark, with slightly more achievable for the small numbers of Angus-crosses on offer.


Younger bullocks pushing closer to the year mark secured a bigger premium, with one batch of five May- and June-born Limousin bullocks selling to over €2.80/kg.

Heifer stock wasn't as plentiful and were generally more average-type stock.

Charolais- and Limousin-bred heifers under 400kg sold up to €2.40/kg, but, in general, hovered around the €2.30/kg mark.

In pictures

These five May and June 2020-born Limousin bullocks weighed 340kg and sold for €960 (€2.82/kg).

This March 2019-born Limousin bullock weighed 485kg and sold for €1,250 (€2.58/kg).

These two Charolais bullocks, one 2019-born and the other early 2020, had an average weight of 547kg and sold for €1,220 (€2.23/kg).

These two Montbeliarde bullocks born February 2019 weighed 512kg and sold for €960 (€1.88/kg).

This December 2018-born Angus bullock weighed 575kg and sold for €1,140 (€1.98/kg).

This two-year-old 555kg Charolais bullock sold for €1,140 (€2.05/kg).

This May 2019-born Limousin bull weighed 445kg and sold for €910 (€2.04/kg).

This March 2019-born Limousin bullock weighed 540kg and sold for €1,290 (€2.39/kg).

This Charolais bullock born April 2019 weighed 580kg and sold for €1,300 (€2.24/kg).

This pair of May 2020-born Belted Galloway heifers weighed 240kg and sold for €470 (€1.96/kg).

This October 2019-born Charolais heifer weighed 410kg and sold for €880 (€2.15/kg).

This 395kg Charolais heifer born last April sold for €950 (€2.41/kg).

This pair of spring 2020-born Charolais heifers weighed 395kg and sold for €900 (€2.28/kg).

This 2015-born Belted Galloway cow weighed 500kg and sold for €920 (€1.84/kg).