Agri Aware Incredible Edibles

This week, we hear from Ms Edel Shehan’s Junior Infants to Second Class group who attend Dromagh National School in Co Cork.

“We have planted all of our seeds, strawberry plants and potatoes. All of the children have participated in these activities.

Edel Shehan's Junior Infants to Second Class, in Dromagh NS, Co Cork.

We are all taking care of our plants and have two teams of gardeners. Our team for this week take out the plants each day and place them in the warm sunshine.

Plants are checked and watered every day, if needed. The children are very excited as all of the seed pots have now sprouted.

In Task Three of the Incredible Edibles programme, the students are very busy. They are all taking care of our plants; looking after our seedlings each day, monitoring their growth, and taking them in and out of the classroom each day.

The children are enjoying taking care of their seedlings for Task Three of the INcredible Edibles programme

The sprouts are in a new pot today and this made for great excitement!

The children love the responsibility of taking the plants in and out each day. We have left the potatoes outside and are waiting eagerly for the fist signs of growth.

The class planted strawberries, potatoes and lots of other things

The children loved planting the seeds and are thoroughly enjoying taking care of them.

Incredible Edibles

A healthy eating project for primary schools. The aim is to educate students about growing fruit and vegetables and to encourage their knowledge of food origin and quality. Besides learning about where our food comes from, students taking part in Incredible Edibles also pick up science, geography and maths skills. In our Incredible Edibles diary, we hear directly from the classroom as to what students are learning about food systems and growing vegetables.

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