Industry bodies to promote the ‘forgotten meat’

Levy bodies and farmer organisations across the UK are co-ordinating marketing activity to help promote lamb to consumers.

“We need to remind people about the unique qualities of lamb. It is sometimes referred to as the forgotten meat,” said Liam Byrne from the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

Speaking at an online event ahead of the annual Love Lamb Week campaign, Byrne said promotional activity needs to be educational so that consumers have “cooking confidence” when preparing lamb.


Marketing activity will also be rolled out in supermarkets to give shoppers the final push to buy lamb, especially given that it tends to be more expensive than other meat products.

“We need to make sure it’s lamb that goes into the shopping basket and they don’t default back to their normal beef, mince or chicken,” Byrne said during the event on Wednesday.

The theme for this year’s Love Lamb Week will focus on the sustainable nature of local lamb production.

“It is outdoor reared, it takes rain from the sky, it takes grass that humans cannot eat, and it turns it into nutritious, natural, tasty food,” Byrne said.