There is an inescapable contradiction in Bord na Móna’s position on rewetting, ICMSA president Pat McCormack has said.

The comments come following a meeting with Bord na Móna where McCormack acknowledged the company’s commitment to work with adjoining landowners, but raised queries around their position.

“The inescapable contradiction in their position is if there isn’t going to be a problem at some future stage, then they won’t mind putting that certainty in writing along with a commitment to make good any potential damage.

We’re not going to be fools for anyone anymore

“Nobody’s doubting their good faith here or indeed their expertise. All we are saying is that if Bord na Móna are so certain about their project then they can’t object to signing an agreement based on that certainty. “

Fools for no one

McCormack said that the day is gone where farmers are going to take someone’s word on “something as potentially significant as this project”.

“I’m afraid we’re well past that now. We’re not going to be fools for anyone anymore. If Bord na Móna are as certain as they say, then they won’t mind putting their opinion in writing,” McCormack concluded.