What is “Member”?

“Member” is the title we give to content written by our specialists that you can access once you are a registered user of the Farmers Journal site. Registering with your email address gives you access to seven articles per month, but if you wish to become a subscriber to the site (from just €2.67 per week), you will have unlimited access to all of our articles. Member articles are marked with a Member marker.

What is “Member+”?

“Member+” articles are exclusive to paid digital subscribers. Member+ topics and articles are specially selected by our journalists, exclusively for readers with a subscription. All Member+ articles are identified with a Member+ marker.

Why pay for “Member+”?

If you subscribe to the Farmers Journal website, you will have access to all of our content whenever, wherever you need it, on up to three IPs in a 24 hour period. This means that you will be able to consume the best agricultural information from our team of independent specialists whether you are out on the farm using your smartphone or sitting at home using your tablet or PC.

Why not make all content free?

The mission of the Farmers Journal is to "enhance the competitiveness of Irish farming and the well-being of those engaged in the sector". To do this we ask our users to pay a small digital subscription. Sending highly qualified specialists around the country to gather and interpret information on your behalf cannot be done for free. But as a Trust, you can be assured that the money earned will continue to be invested in the betterment of Irish agriculture – as it has been since 1964 when farmer owner John Mooney forewent personal gain to put the Farmers Journal into its present structure.