The dynamics of supply and demand are currently on the side of sheep producers with factories struggling to source desired levels of throughput. This is inserting more competition into the trade and has triggered factories to increase quotes from anywhere between 5c/kg to 25c/kg.

Lamb prices have increased by 10c/kg on average. General prices paid to producers selling individually are in the region of €8.10/kg to €8.20/kg. Groups and regular sellers are pushing returns to €8.30/kg with some reports of €8.35/kg to €8.40/kg paid.

The general run of hogget prices range from €7.20/kg to €7.30/kg for sellers trading low numbers through groups, while specialist finishers continue to have a significant influence on the trade and are securing 10c/kg to 20c/kg higher returns.

The mart trade has lifted by €3 to €5 and is a good outlet for farmers struggling to negotiate higher prices.