Weather forecast

Any lingering mist and fog will clear on Wednesday morning and it will be a dry day with some pleasant spells of sunshine. It will bewarm with highest afternoon temperatures of 18°C to 22°C. Winds will be light, variable in direction.

In the news

  • Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has agreed to sit down and talk with the IFA over the tillage crisis fund with no preconditions in the talk. The IFA protest is, therefore, suspended.
  • Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has approved additional funding for work on promoting welfare of farm animals at the time of slaughter in third countries and during long-distance transport.
  • A 73-year-old farmer who used a black marker to change the insurance details on his tractor has been fined a total of €400.
  • Ranchers in Canada are facing a potential loss of up to $300,000 after 200 cattle were found dead in a grazing pasture in the province of Saskatchewan.
  • A law that would have banned the sale of cattle for slaughter in India has been suspended by India’s Supreme Court.
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  • Minister Creed is expected to meet the IFA at 9am this morning to discuss he tillage crisis fund.
  • What’s on today

  • Limerick IFA executive council meeting, Woodlands Hotel, Adare, 8.30pm.
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