Weather forecast

After a dry start to Tuesday, cloud will increase and with it will come rain.

The rain and drizzle will affect most places by Tuesday afternoon and it will continue into the afternoon.

Temperatures will range from 14°C to 16°C.

The rain will clear on Tuesday night, but temperatures will drop to between 7°C and 10°C.

In the news

  • Demand is growing for heifers and steers from the factories, but they’re doing very little in the way of a price increase.
  • If cows aren’t housed after ex-hurricane Ophelia and storm Brian, then the end of the road is in sight for grazing 2017. Aidan Brennan offers advice to farmers on what to do next.
  • Bluetongue has been detected in Scotland. It was found in a batch of 10 cattle which had been imported from France.
  • It has been a rough spell, but thankfully there are no special names on the weather this week. It’s looking drier after Tuesday too.
  • Coming up on

  • We hear from Co Donegal beef farmer James Strain on what ex-hurricane Ophelia did to their farm.
  • One jeep and trailer user clearly wasn’t sure about what trailer licence he should have.
  • Representatives from the energy sector are before the Oireachtas agriculture committee.
  • Ciarán Lenehan has the latest update from the BETTER farm programme.
  • What’s on today

    There are three events in our agri-calendar today - all of them very interesting.

  • Teagasc is hosting the Talking Hardwoods event in the Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown, Co Cork. A 9.30am start there.
  • Clare Local Development Company has an important farm finance information evening in the Teagasc centre in Kilrush. It’s a 7pm kick-off there. Hilary Gleeson is on 087-600 9607 if you want more details there.
  • This is a new one on us, but the Irish-German Chamber of Commerce conference on biogas and anaerobic digestion is on in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin 15. The event, which starts at 8.30am, will hear from German and Irish experts in the whole biogas space.
  • To find out more about events near you, visit our agri-events calendar.