It’s all about simple, old-fashioned radio gold
I love radio and it seems the Irish people are on the same wavelength, but I still can't help but wonder where the future of radio is heading, writes Damien O'Reilly.
Damien's Diary: the fall to reflect
Following a bad accident in July that left Damien O'Reilly with a smashed shoulder, he reflects on the futility of life.
Damien's Diary: the beauty of the mart
The nervousness of the seller, the excitement of the buyer and the whack of the auctioneer's hammer. Damien O'Reilly reflects on the beauty of the mart.
2018: the year of extreme weather events
Think how it must have been for farmers who literally could do nothing to alleviate the problems with weather and fodder for weeks and months on end, writes Damien O'Reilly.