John Deere recently announced changes to its forager lineup with the introduction of its latest 9500 and 9600 models.

While the 9500 is a completely new model, the 9600 has been updated and ditches the previous 13.5l John Deere engine. Instead, the two models are the first machines to offer the new 18l inline-six engine built by John Deere.

Performance therefore has been increased, with respective rated power outputs of 700hp and 750hp at 1,800rpm.

To the surprise of some, to meet Stage V requirements the new JD18X engine does not require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or Adblue as we know it.

Developed for the JD18X engine, HarvestMotion Plus produces both more power and torque at low engine rpm compared to the current HarvestMotion feature.

This allows max power outputs of 766hp (9500) and 787hp (9600) at 1,350rpm.

Other updates

Both models offer a wider 850mm chopping drum and reinforced drivetrain and mainframe to handle the power increases. A new 20cm longer spout has also been added.

In addition to the standard sawtooth design Premium Kernal Processor and XStream kernel processor, a new XCut option has been added to the XStream which features a spiral cut groove across the roll surface.

Both roll types are available with the Dura Line heavy duty coating for greater durability.

As to be expected, the 9500 and 9600 offer Deere’s complete range of precision farming systems which include HarvestLab 3000 for measuring crop yield, moisture and forage constituents.

HarvestLab enables AutoLOC which automatically changes chop length and additive dosing on the go dependent on forage dry matter.

Aside from HarvestLab 3000, other options include AutoTrac automatic steering and MachineSync speed matching which automatically matches trailer position and speed with the forager.

While pricing has not yet been confirmed, both models are expected to arrive in Ireland in early 2022.