Keep farm safety in mind over the coming weeks as farmers look to combine field work with livestock management.

In terms of machinery, tractors are becoming a more common sight in fields and on the roads.

Make sure all machines are in good working order in terms of lights, brakes, tyres and hydraulics.

Take care when attaching and unhooking implements. Always ensure the handbrake is engaged when undertaking this task.

Stop the tractor to attach or remove the PTO shaft and make sure the cover is securely in place before the drive is engaged.

Keep children and pets out of the pathways of machinery moving in and out of the farmyard and have them wear a high visibility jacket.

If slurry is being spread on fields, make sure the opening to any tank is covered and stay out of sheds while mixing storage tanks.


For farmers turning cattle back to grass, be vigilant when loading and unloading the trailer, especially when handling freshly calved cows.

Breeding will be getting under way soon for early spring-calving herds. Again, be careful when loading stock bulls on trailers.

Even in the field, always be mindful of your safety around livestock, as an animal can be easily spooked and turn aggressive.

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