Valentia weather station in Co Kerry had 117mm of rain in the last seven days - the highest rainfall figure recorded across Met Éireann's weather stations for that period.

This is 425% above normal rainfall figures, according to Met Éireann's agricultural data report.

On Tuesday 21 March alone, almost 30mm of rain fell at the Kerry station, representing a quarter of the week's total rainfall.

Over the last three years, this weather station received an average of 90mm of rain in the month of March. With over a week to go before the end of the month, rainfall figures are well up on the month's average.

Rainfall levels in other regions

Claremorris, Co Mayo recorded 68.9mm of rain; Knock Airport, Co Mayo recorded 66.3mm; Cork Airport had 59mm; Roches Point in Co Cork recorded 54.3mm, and Johnstown Castle recorded 52.7mm over the last week.

Other stations, which had between 40mm and 50mm of rain in the last seven days, included Mullingar (43.4mm), Ballyhaise (45.2mm) and Belmullet (49.5mm).

Dublin evades the worst

The driest part of the country, according to the data, was Dublin, with an average of 20mm of rain in its two weather stations: Casement and Dublin Airport.

This is in stark comparison to the weather in Cork, where exactly 20mm of rain fell at Roches Point on Tuesday alone.

Roches Point weather station had 312% more rainfall than normal over the last week, while Claremorris experienced a 307% increase and Johnstown Castle had a 297% increase.

In total, over 620mm of rain has fallen in the last week across 15 of Met Éireann's agricultural weather stations.

To get a full breakdown of the country's rainfall figures, see here.