Prices for spring lambs have rebounded following a drop in numbers coming on to the market this week.

Local processors cut base quotes by 60p/kg to 610p/kg towards the end of last week. However, the price cut failed to stick and base quotes have recovered to 620p/kg with deals of 630p/kg to 640p/kg on offer.

At the outlined prices, spring lambs are worth £30/head more compared to the same period last year.


In the live ring, prices were up by as much as 30p/kg at sales held on Monday and Tuesday of this week, adding £5 to £6/head to lamb prices.

Hoggets have also strengthened in price as numbers tail off. Base quotes start from 600p/kg with 10p/kg more on offer for bigger numbers.

Republic of Ireland

Lamb prices south of the Irish border are holding firm around €7.90/kg for those selling through producer groups.

At current exchange rates, this converts to approximately 645p/kg. Hoggets are making €7.35/kg which converts to a sterling price of 600p/kg.

In Britain, spring lambs are limited in availability and official reports over the past week put prices around the 685p/kg mark, with hoggets averaging 644p/kg.


Cattle prices are holding steady with quotes on 378p/kg and actual prices paid in the mid-390p/kg range. In the marts, heavy stores remain an exceptionally strong trade at 220p to 230p/kg.

However, the lack of grass has softened buying demand for stores with prices levelling off over the past week at 240p to 270p/kg for good quality continental types. Plainer cattle are making closer to 200p/kg.