The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) price index finished down 0.1% after the latest auction, which took place on Tuesday 20 April 2021.

The average price paid for dairy products was $4,110/t (€3,411/t).

The last two auctions have now seen a largely unchanged price.

In total, 25,040t was sold to almost 100 bidders.

On the fat front, the price paid for butter dipped slightly by 0.6% to $5,736/t (€4,761/t).

Cheddar prices rose by 1.2% to $4,436/t (€3,682/t).

Powder prices were steady, with skim milk powder unchanged at $3,365/t (€2,794/t).

Whole milk powder rose by 0.4% to $4,097 (€3,400/t).

The next auction will take place on 4 May.