In the latest in our series of study guide videos, the co-author of our environment guides Jacinta Gahan discusses the content and key learning outcomes for students and teachers with Irish Farmers Journal tillage editor Andy Doyle.

This 26-minute video takes students and teachers beyond the content of the weekly study guides, adding context and practical examples to enhance their understanding on the topic of environment, while Andy also gives his perspective along with some suggestions for the fifth-year Individual Investigative Study: Supporting conservation of the Environment through Irish Agricultural Practice.

Key areas covered:

  • All aspects of the new curriculum: soil, animals and crops, and how they relate to environmental sustainability.
  • How can farmers maximise the benefit they get from soil organic matter.
  • What strategies can they use to maximise the beneficial effects for the environment.
  • The difference in organic matter content in conventional, continual tillage and the long-term environmental impact.
  • Aspects of good soil management:
  • - In relation to pollution and conservation.

    - In relation to carbon sequestration.

  • The role of biotechnological applications and how they can be used in crop development to make this more environmentally sustainable.
  • An evaluation of the role of chemicals in controlling diseases in crops, and much more.
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