DEAR SIR: Since 1 May, a 2c “green tax” has been added to the price of diesel oil. Those of us who filled our tanks in April were saved the payout – we will be caught in September or October.

My good guess is that Budget 2022 will add another 2c and probably in 2023 and 2024 as long as the Green Party is in Government. How are we to save on diesel? We plough, harvest, make hay and silage, as well as carry out hedge-cutting.

Hedge-cutting is not a luxury. Under some of the acts of law, it is an order enforced by the courts and, if guilty, one can be fined for not keeping one’s roadside hedges in order.

If one does not stop the briars and blackthorn from taking over one’s fields, there is a person in the Department of Agriculture who draws little circles on the BPS maps and subtracts 0.02ha from your payment.