The Minister for State for Food, Forestry and Horticulture Andrew Doyle, has reiterated his concerns of the proposed Mercosur trade deal.

Ahead of a Council of Agriculture and Fisheries Ministers meeting in Luxembourg today, he said: “Ireland’s concerns about the potential impact of a Mercosur agreement on the EU agriculture sector, and particularly on the beef sector, are well-known.

“These concerns have been heightened recently, and so today was a very useful opportunity to discuss the situation with like-minded member states, and to renew our shared conviction that no further concessions should be made by the EU in these negotiations.”

Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed and Minister for Business and Entreprise Heather Humphreys have also written to commissioners outlining Irish concerns.


The Government has also signed a letter in conjunction with France, Poland and Belgium to European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on the matter.

It is expected that up to 99,000t of South American beef would be granted access in the proposed deal with the Latin trade bloc.

The deal has been met with strong resistance by Irish farmers.

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