The Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed has reneged on a commitment to pay 100% of ANC money in September, according to IFA rural development chair Joe Brady.

Brady said the Minister had made the commitment at the IFA AGM in January.

Farmers will now have to wait until December to receive a 15% balancing payment worth over €35m.

Budget increase

The total budget for the ANC has increased to €250m this year.

Minister Creed said as a result of changes to EU regulations, the scheme payments had to be made in two instalments, the first of which (85%) would be made in mid-September.

In previous years, 100% payment was made in September.

A spokesperson for the Minister said his hands were tied by the regulations and a 100% payment could no longer be made in September.

IFA deputy president Richard Kennedy said the Minister was hiding behind EU regulations.

“He could pay 100% to farmers and resolve any issues with the EU Commission afterwards,” Kennedy said.

Income pressure

Both Kennedy and Brady said livestock farmers were facing huge income pressures and news that the full ANC payment would not be made next month was a blow to 100,000 farmers.


Meanwhile, Brady welcomed the news that the European Commission had sanctioned the higher advance rate of 70% for BPS payments.

“Incomes are under significant pressure due to poor market returns and the spectre of a no-deal Brexit. It is important that the maximum number of farmers are paid in October,” Brady said.

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