The Ornua purchasing price index (PPI) is up for September. The result which was published Wednesday 7 September put the index at 102.8 from 101.8.

When adjusted for the Ornua Value Payment and accounting for 7c/l costs it puts the September equivalent price at 30.4c/l excl VAT, up from 29.1c/l in August.

The Ornua statement said the increase is as a result of a more favourable product mix, with generally stable returns across the product range.

Farmers deserve a level playing field

IFA dairy chair Tom Phelan has urged all milk processors to return a fair price to its suppliers, especially those that offered below average prices last month.

“There is scope for at least a 1c/l milk price rise, particularly from milk processors that have been paying below average milk prices. Farmers deserve a level playing field when it comes to milk price,” he said.

ICMSA’s Gerald Quain said that what he called the “slow but steady” return to normal trading conditions was continuing and the sharp uptake in butter and whole milk powder is a positive development.

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