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Interview with Ian Stevenson, NI Livestock and Meat Commission

Ian Stevenson of the LMC explains why NI industry is determined to be part of Irish grassfed PGI application from the start and not satisfied with opportunity to be included later.

Virtual Dairy Day 2020 - the highs and lows

Jack Kennedy and Aidan Brennan give a run through of all the highlights from Dairy Day 2020, which took place virtually.

German couple milking 360 goats in the midlands

Originally from Germany, Claudia Marl is milking 360 goats with her husband Juergen on Barbavilla Farm in Co Westmeath. The couple milk the goats through a 40-unit swing-over rapid-exit parlour and are hoping to increase the milking herd to 400-450 head very soon.

What’s this year’s hottest agri-toy?

Adam Woods interviews Francis Clarke, owner of the Toymaster shop in Cavan about his business and how it’s been affected by the current lockdown as part of this week’s agritoy focus.

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