The National Dairy Council (NDC) has published a new fact book titled 'Irish Dairy, Sustainable Ireland' as part of its work with the European Milk Forum.

The book, which is the third edition to be published in Ireland, outlines the actions being taken on Ireland's 18,000 dairy farms to improve sustainability, increase biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The main work highlighted in the publication is the more efficient use of fertiliser, grassland management, the use of low emissions slurry spreading equipment, water quality improvement and herd genomics.

Efficient systems

Commenting at the launch of the report, NDC chief executive Zoe Kavanagh noted that Ireland has one of the most efficient dairy production systems in the EU, but added that there is more to be done on improving efficiencies.

"While it is heartening to see all the work that is being undertaken by dairy farmers across the country, there is certainly more to be done."

She continued: "The next step is to mainstream these actions on to every suitable dairy farm across the country.

"Taking a practical ‘win-win’ approach to sustainability, where both the environment and the farmer benefit, is the key to further sustained reduction of emissions in the sector."