The most recent auction at the Global Dairy Trade (GDT) event concluded with prices increasing by 3.9%.

These included a 7.2% increase for butter and 5% for cheddar.

Prices for skimmed milk powder also increased by 4.1%, while prices for whole milk powder increased by 3.1%.

A list of prices is below:

AMF index up 5.5%, average price €3,754MT.

Butter index up 7.2%, average price €3,690/MT.

BMP index up 6.9%, average price €2,345/MT.

Ched index up 5.0%, average price €3,325/MT.

LAC index up 7.4%, average price €896/MT.

SMP index up 4.1%, average price €2,482/MT.

SWP not offered.

WMP index up 3.1%, average price €2,695/MT.