No sooner was the ink dry on last week’s Dealer column praising Dairygold and Kerry Group for supporting the cost of DIY milk recording, when they went away and increased the price of said milk recording.

Or, to be more accurate, their subsidiary, Munster Bovine, did.

Milk recording a 100-cow herd four times a year now costs €10.92/cow, a 10% increase. Munster has a 56% share of the milk recording market in the country.

This is set to increase as Kerry Group, which Munster milk records for, is making milk recording mandatory from next year.

Munster has also announced an increase in the cost of AI inseminations.

It’s interesting to note that it too has spent a few millions of shareholder money developing a new app.

I wonder will both Dairygold and Kerry increase their milk recording incentives in light of the steep price increases? What the right hand giveth, the left hand taketh away.