Milking in Kilkenny

Grazing on Comeragh Mountains

Alice Ketch's Lanark Blackface sheep graze on the Comeragh Mountain Range. Alice helps her father Michael Ketch and is supplementing the hoggets. / Claire Nash

Sit back, relax and watch a slideshow of our favourite photos from this week:

Fencing in Tipperary

Kieran O'Connor of O'Connor Fencing Services, Balykelly, Cashel, doing some sheep fencing for a client near New Inn, Co Tipperary. / Donal O'Leary

Twins in Waterford

\ Claire Nash

Emily Fraher was bought Blue Telex sheep last year to rear and feed by her dad Paul as a present for helping him on the farm during lockdown and when schools were closed. Emily stayed up during the night with her dad lambing as they were coming the wrong way but it ended well as purebred twins were born. She named them biscuit and bubbles. / Claire Nash


Dairy Farmer Mervyn Stanley from Woodvile, Shinrone, Co Offaly. \ Philip Doyle

Feeding time

Anthony Ryan, sheep and cattle farmer, supplementing the diet of his mixed suckler herd, Craughwell, Co Galway. \ David Ruffles

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