There was 1,400 calves on offer in Bandon Mart this week and export calf prices were slightly back at this week's sale, driven primarily by the news that there are no boats going for the rest of the week.

In relation to other years, the change was small.

Shipping-type calves, in general, sold from €25 to €65, with a share selling for above that range.

Demand continued for the stronger British Frisian bull calves.

There was a wide variation in prices for these and that came down to calf quality and age - €80 to €180 was the going rate for those this week.

Most lighter Friesians and Jersey-crosses sold for under the export calf price.

Beef calves

What was noticeable at the sale, especially among the beef calves, was there was a bigger proportion of calves between one month and six weeks old on offer.

That is playing its part in there being little to no movement in the sale price of traditional beef breed calves or continentals.

At the upper end of the beef-cross calves this week, €250 to €350 was available, with €170 to €250 for the younger or lighter calf and those from Jersey-crossbred herds sold for similar prices to Friesian bull calves.

Continental calves continued their strong run of form, with most selling from €280 to a top of €510.

After his final calf sale in Bandon Mart, manager Tom McCarthy said: "The Friesian type shipping calf, I suppose is slightly back today, that's on the news that the boats are going to be cancelled until Saturday.

After 15 years at the top in Bandon, he joked that he was looking forward to having his bank holiday Mondays back

"There's no fierce run at the shipping calves yet. They were held up for a couple of weeks and then got going again last week and the bad weather forecast is putting a bit of pressure on the lower-quality Friesian bull calf.

"The good Friesian bull calf has held very well, they're worth from €110 to €180 and there's plenty of farmer activity for the good one.

"On the whitehead, Angus and coloured calves, sure they're as dear today as they have been all spring. You're talking a month old bull calf at €300 and older ones are making a bit more."

This was Tom's last sale before stepping down from the role.

After 15 years at the top in Bandon, he joked that he was looking forward to having his bank holiday Mondays back.


This group of five-week-old Hereford bulls made €330 each.

This pair of one-month-old Friesian bulls averaged €90.

This six-week-old Charolais bull calf sold for €510.

These four Angus heifers were one month old and sold for €200 each.

These six-week-old bull calves sold for €70 apiece.

This pair of one-month-old Belgian Blue heifers made €290 each.

Just over three weeks, these Angus bulls made €260 each.

These five-week-old bull calves averaged €45.

Just over six week of age, these bull calves made €150 each.

These Belgian Blue bulls were almost six weeks old and averaged €350.

Almost three weeks old, these bull calves made €30 each.

These five-week-old Friesian bulls made €50 each.

This pair of five-week-old heifers made €245.

This group of six-week-old Simmental bulls made €325 each.

This six-week-old bull calf sold for €110.

These one-month-old Angus bulls made €225 each.

This group of six-week-old bull calves sold for €75.

This three-week-old bull calf made €240.

Approaching three weeks old, this pair of Hereford heifers sold for €225 each.