The Irish Farmers Journal understands that an emergency meeting of the Animal Health Ireland (AHI) BVD Implementation Group took place on Wednesday this week.

At that meeting, a possible U-turn on a rule that allows calves move out of BVD restricted herds for export out of Ireland was discussed.

If this U-turn comes into play, calves from such herds will not be permitted to be shipped out of Ireland. While going to press, there was no detail of the outcome.

However, once further details become available, they will be reported on

Currently, BVD restricted herds cannot move in or out any stock except under permit. Up to now, it was possible to sell calves to non-breeding herds and for export. This latest potential tightening of the new BVD regulations would make calves going for export illegal for BVD restricted herds.

The Department of Agriculture wants to uphold the highest standards and hence is rowing back on an agreement with the AHI BVD Implementation Group to allow calves go for export.

The Department and the BVD Implementation Group convened by the AHI are making these changes in the final push to prepare Ireland to apply to the European Commission for recognition of a BVD-free status according to the requirements of the new Animal Health Law. One of these requirements is for 99.8% of herds to have negative herd status (NHS) for BVD.