Numbers remained steady, with 1,350 going through the ring in Bandon Mart at this week's sale.

The perennial supply and demand trends of spring calf sales continued, with a falloff in the number of Friesian bull calves on offer and a steady rise in Angus- and Hereford-crosses.

This resulted in Friesian prices holding, while the numbers getting into the top-end prices for the traditional beef breeds declined slightly.

That’s not to say those higher prices weren’t available - it’s just the numbers gaining them were back.


Prices for lighter calves in the earlier lots of Friesian bull calves were lower than expected and resulted in a few more being resold in comparison to recent sales.

It was a good decision by the sellers, as prices improved slightly as the sale progressed.

The main run of export-type Friesian bull calves made from €50 to €80, while farmer demand continued for the stronger Friesian calf.

Numbers of these were back compared with the last few weeks and prices for them went from €90 to €150. A select few sold for over this price range.

The reduction of Friesian bull calves may have resulted in a slight lift at the lower end of the market, with Jerseys and Jersey-crosses making up to €30 on occasion.

Beef crosses

Exporters continued to be active for Angus calves, with €170 to €240 the going rate for a high proportion of those and Hereford calves, in particular those from three to five weeks of age.

At the upper end of the traditional beef-cross calf spectrum, up to €360 was available across bulls and heifers.

Angus and Hereford calves from Jersey-cross dairy herds continued to sell for similar money to the British Friesian bull calves.

Continentals, while providing a splash of colour, remained scarce, but performed well, with up to €430 available for bulls and a good proportion of heifers making €300 to €400.

Lighter continentals, especially those with Jersey-cross breeding in the background, sold for under €300.

In pictures

This trio of month-old Hereford heifer calves sold for €275.

These five-week-old bull calves sold for an average price of €95.

This trio of month-old Hereford heifer calves sold for €275.

Just gone five weeks, this Angus bull calf made €325.

These six-week-old Angus heifers averaged €170.

These month-old bull calves averaged €55.

€280 was the final price for this month-old Hereford bull calf.

This month-old Angus heifer made €190.

This seven-week-old Hereford heifer calf sold for €285.

This strong month-old British Friesian bull calf sold for €195.

At five weeks of age, this Hereford heifer sold for €175.

This pair of three-week-old Hereford bull calves made €250.

This five-week-old Angus heifer made €320.

Coming up on six weeks of age, this group of Friesian bulls averaged €90.

This pair of month-old bull calves sold for €60.

This pair of three-week-old Simmental heifers made €350 each.

This three-week-old Charolais heifer calf sold for €380.

At 15 days, this pair of Angus heifers sold for €140 each.

These month-old Angus bulls sold for €245 each.

This pair of Hereford heifers made €200 each.