Concern among Glanbia suppliers is growing by the day and the processor should immediately issue each individual supplier with notification of where they will stand under the proposed programme, Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) president Pat McCormack said.

The ICMSA has said it is disappointed that farmers are being asked to cut production during the peak grass-growing period.

“We constantly hear politicians highlighting the decline in rural Ireland and the need for action,” McCormack said.

“We have here an industry that’s ready to step up, but is being stopped for reasons external to the business itself."

Growing concern

The ICMSA said it made clear to Glanbia that a growing concern is forming among suppliers and that anomalies will arise under the proposals.

“We welcome the commitment to take back these concerns to the Glanbia board next week and consider possible solutions to the issues and anomalies identified,” McCormack continued.

“These include the impact on farmers expanding above the permitted levels, the workings of the reserve pool and the impact on farmers supplying milk above the average Glanbia supply curve who would be facing considerable fines even if they increase by a very small amount.

“The delay in building the proposed processing facilities is going to impact every townland in the Glanbia region and it is crucial that Glanbia reviews its position in light of the concerns expressed by its suppliers.”