Decision + action = success

Such a simple formula, isn’t it? So easy to say – but is it simple to do? Maybe not, because if it was, we’d all be successful and our lives would be perfect. I don’t know about you, but my life isn’t without its struggles and I’m sure many of you reading this feel the same.

But the brilliant thing about this formula is that it IS true – and it really does work – but its not magic. We have to do our bit and, sometimes, that can be where things go wrong!

I have spoken before about ‘choosing’ success.

Everyone’s definition of success is different and individual to each of us. Remember that! To make it easier, we can break it down to one area or goal in our life where we want to be better.

One area or goal at a time – we cannot do it all at the same time.

Remember, you must choose this success. It is a commitment to yourself that you will do everything you can to make it happen. Can you think of something that you want to change to be good or successful?

OK, so that’s step one sorted: the Decision. Now, step two: action (also known as perseverance, commitment and, sometimes, bloody hard work).

Success is not easy, but it is achievable. It’s up to you. Making the decision can be the easy bit – “I want to lose weight”, “I want to learn another language”, “I want to run my own business”. The next bit is where we need a plan.

Think about your decision and where you want success. Now, think about where – on that journey to success – you would like to be in 12 months’ time. Is it to be at a certain weight? To speak fluently in another language? Where would your dream business be? Visualise it; feel it. How would it look in 12 months’ time?

Now, think about what you would like it to look like in six months’ time, and what actions you would need to take from there to get to your 12 month vision.

Similarly, what do you need to do today? What action do you need to take today to get to your six – or three, or one – months’ vision?

Sometimes in life, and certainly in today’s world, we want everything now! There is no waiting; everything is available at the click of a button. But to be truly successful, at whatever we choose, takes planning and perseverance. It is a step-by-step process. Even when we are faced with obstacles or have feelings of self doubt (which I can guarantee you will happen), we must remember that commitment to yourself – and stay with it.

Very rarely is there such a thing as an overnight success. Very often, there is 10+ years of blood, sweat and tears behind that success.

So my challenge to you is this:

  • Make that choice – what is it you want to achieve? Make that commitment and promise to yourself you will do this.
  • Make a plan – how are you going to achieve your goal? What do you need to do during the next six months to make this happen? No matter how small the action is write them all down.
  • Do the first action on that plan – it can be as simple as research, making an appointment to speak with someone, sign up for a course, brainstorm business ideas. No matter what it is, do it! And from there, do something – no matter how small – every day. Make one action which will bring you closer to making your version of success a reality.
  • Remember, you truly only get one life, and you deserve to have one that you love! You can achieve anything you put your mind to and the really important thing is to never give up, because just as you think its never going to happen, around that next corner is all that you dreamed of.

    If you want to share your success choices or commitments and that first step, I’d love to hear about them – and good for you!

    “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step,” so go on – take that step and start your new adventure.