Photo of the Week

Lunch time reading: Ruairí Kane from Co Louth checking out the price of stock.

Letter to the Editor

Hi Amii,

Katie was so thrilled to receive her competition gift last week from IFJ Jr, thank you so much!!

The bucket has found many uses – our pet rabbit Hopitity has found his way into it, her Irish dancing trophy and even the mischievous elf!

Have a fantastic Xmas and best wishes for 2022.

The kids love IFJ Jr – Katie’s older brother Michael hopes he will win the last edition’s competition, just to have a matching bucket too!!

Best regards

Christina Feeney

Tweet of the Week

Chef Janine’s Tip

With the excess of the holidays over and done with, January is the perfect time for a calorie-restricting diet.

Just kidding! Nutrition and weight-loss experts say by denying yourself satisfying, nutritionally dense meals you are actually just setting yourself up for weight-loss failure.

Many nutritionists now say that you shouldn’t aim for a certain number of calories on your plate but as many different colours as you can manage. I love eggs fried in butter with toast for breakfast.

By adding some roasted cherry tomatoes, wilted spinach, natural yoghurt and making sure the toast is brown or multigrain, I can turn my favourite breakfast into something much more healthy and satisfying (which will keep me from snacking later on). Now if I could only run a 5km as easily as adding extra nutrition to my meals (a girl can dream).

Number of the Week


The number of tips given by physiotherapist Stephen O’Rourke for optimal back health on the farm

Instagram Inspiration

This stunning image of the milky way over Ross Castle in Killarney National Park drew us to give @conorhealy88 a follow – and gave us even more appreciation for the beautiful country in which we live (if that’s possible). Here’s to a 2022 full of backyard adventures in our beautiful country.

Quote of the Week

From our Money Mentor Margaret Nolan on pensions:

In a separation/divorce you are entitled to a fair and equal share of all the assets held by both you and your ex-husband. You could avail of a share of your ex-husband’s personal pension by way of a Pension Adjustment Order