Pinergy has become the latest company to offer to pay farmers for their excess electricity produced from solar PV systems.

The company will pay eligible customers 13.5c/kWh for selling their excess solar energy back to them.

The rate, called the Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) tariff, is the first part of the microgeneration support scheme and is expected to help increase the uptake of renewable technology.

Bad deal

The CEG is supposed to reflect the wholesale market rate for electricity but farmers could recently avail of a sale price of 17.5c/kWh from Arden Energy. This represents a difference of 4c/kWh.

Pinergy says it is seeing demand grow for micro-generation projects, particularly solar, from businesses, homes and farms already this year.

The demand is caused by a number of factors such as inflated energy pricing from the grid, a range of generous incentives such as SEAI grants and capital allowances, and concerns about security of supply.