Calf prices have seen minimal movement over the past seven days.

While the ICBF calf price database shows the average price for Friesian bull calves up €15/head on the week, much of this change is coming from the end of the previous week when disruption to sailings had a negative effect on calf price.

Prices since Monday of last week have been more stable, settling at €68/head for the period. The proportion of beef-sired calves in sales continues to grow however, this has had little effect on the overall price.

Angus bulls and heifers averaged €215/head and €188/head, up around €5/head on the week.

Hereford calf prices remain unchanged on the week at €201/head for heifers and €242/head for bulls.

The number of continental calves being traded through marts remains small which means farmers are having to pay that bit more to secure numbers.

Belgian Blue heifers, who had been trading €15/head to €20/head ahead of bulls in recent weeks saw the biggest price change, back to €300/head while bulls averaged €315/head.